Quiksilver Rebranding

The goal of this project is to rebrand a dead or defunct brand, and create a new visual system and strategy guidelines. I chose to rebrand Quiksilver. The new Quiksilver specializes in outdoor sports products for surfing, skiing and skateboarding. The brand will explore more outdoor activities such as mountaineering, rock climbing and camping. Course for outdoor activities will be added to help people participate in outdoor sports in a better and safer way.

We continue to explore the best way to make our equipment better meet different outdoor needs and ensure that people can easily use Quiksilver products in a variety of natural conditions. Meanwhile, we keep the “sustainable long-term development” as our goal and aim to improve people’s awareness of environmental protection, so that they can fully experience the enthusiasm of nature and the health vitality brought by outdoor sports.

Book 2, the Visual Development Guide, will show the process of developing the new Quiksilver logo. As the brand is reimagined and rediesigned, it needs a new visual identity, found in book 2.

The first thing when starting to develop the new logo for Quiksilver was refer back to the new mission statement and brand’s roots (Book 1). The core of the Quiksilver brand is to encourage and lead people to carry out modern outdoor adventure activities, inspiring people to be reintegrated into nature and dedicate to environmental protection.

Book 3, the Visual Standards Guide, will cover the variations and usage of the new Quiksilver logo. How it may and may not be manipulated, sized, colored, which version, or versions, to use when, etc. The rest of the visual system will also be covered, such as brand colors and typographic identity.

New Territtories
There brand divisions will define exactly what the new Quiksilver will be doing and how they will be operating. The target audience is made up of passionate adventurers. Those adventures all have a before, during, and after. The chart to the right shows when one of our customers may interact with a specific Quiksilver brand division. Some may be applicable to more than one stage.

Quiksilver Academies
Quiksilver Academies is devoted to the curriculum education of outdoor sports to cultivate professional outdoor sports talents and help outdoor sports enthusiasts improve their skills for professional competitions. Quiksilver Academies provides an education platform for outdoor adventure enthusiasts, hereby fulfilling our missionof diversity.

Quiksilver Lab
Quiksilver Lab conducts research and development on Quiksilver’s products and introduces advanced technologies to develop new products with market competitiveness for Quiksilver. Quiksilver Lab boosts brand innovation and the competitiveness of the brand, hereby fulfilling our mission of performance.

Quiksilver App
Quiksilver App focuses on outdoor adventure programs and integrates the functions of hiking routes, plans, weather, and physical health testing. Quiksilver App helps the outdoor adventure enthusiasts plan safe outdoor adventure, hereby fulfilling our mission of performance.

Quiksilver Environmental Association
Quiksilver Environmental Association preserves the environment by organizing community activities, such as cleaning beaches and forests. Quiksilver Environmental Association provides a good ecological environment, hereby fulfilling our mission of vitality.